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Lecture Three: Learning to communicate with your family and dealing with "cabin fever"

Lecture Two in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series, we will take a close look at the Coronavirus crisis, what brought it about, and how this is a human collective choice. It will also cover practical and mystical tools for supporting you and your family.


5 Video Lectures by Inelia Benz:

  • Situational - the game board - What are we looking at and how it came about.
  • Why - agreed reality and free will - Why is this happening right now? The mechanics of free will. 
  • Experiential - how we can engage with what is being offered to us - What it is doing to our lives with full case studies and examples.
  • Tools - practical and social steps - Let's bring this back to a high-frequency experience.
  • Mystical information and tools - beyond the physical - On camera card reading for each topic and other mystical tools you can use for each situation.


Bonus Materials

A compilation of 3 Bonus Material tools, resources, and meditations, including:

  • Fear Processing Exercise
  • Unified Field Meditation
  • Humans & Ultra Dimensional Communication lecture