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Emergency Lecture Series: Empower Yourself Through This Crisis

This series has 5 video lectures valued at $500. Because of the present global situation we are faced with today, iBenz Academy has decided to release the Emergency Series at a highly reduced price of $222 now.

What you'll get:

  • 5 video lectures by Inelia Benz
    • Lecture One: What's going on with Coronavirus, the planet and reality.
    • Lecture Two: Dealing with stress, anxiety, pressure. 
    • Lecture Three:  Learning to communicate with your family and dealing with "cabin fever". 
    • Lecture Four: - Working & studying from home. 
    • Lecture Five: Becoming a leader at this time. 
  • Learn practical and mystical tools and skills to respond to the crisis.

  • A compilation of 10 Bonus Material tools, resources, and meditations, including:
    • Fear Processing Exercise
    • Unified Field Meditation
    • Ultra Dimensional Communication lecture
    • Energy Cleaning Your Room
    • 5-minute Relaxation Exercise
    • 5-minute Advanced Breath Meditation
    • High Frequency Emergency Tool Kit 
    • Recommendations for people who find themselves unemployed
    • Human Collective Ancestors Meditation
    • Interview with Dr. Crystal Tack, N.D., L.Ac.