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The time for the lone wolf is over, now is the time to join your empowered community!


Student Support & Collaboration

Healthy community is the source of the Academy. The time of the lone wolf is over! 

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Mystery-Free Empowerment Tools

Learn how to use practical and mystical tools for self-empowerment in everyday life.

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Advanced Training on the iBenz Method

Take it to the next level with a team that has your back.

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The Instant Manifestation Workshop

Manifest What Money Can't Buy!

In this 8-week ADVANCED workshop, you will learn how to "break" into the matrix code to have what you want, instantly.

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We're on a Mission of Empowerment

Our mission is to facilitate a high-frequency human collective co-creation and collaboration to raise the vibrational frequency level of the planet.

This is Inelia Benz

"Since going public in 2010, I've published numerous books and classes to facilitate an increase of the vibrational frequency of the planet. Now, I'm passing the torch onto you!" 

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Our Strength is Your Strength, Your Strength is Our Strength

Our aim is to provide YOU with a highly interactive and supportive experience on your self-empowerment journey. We have created a global learning platform that builds connection and conscious creation of the new paradigm on Earth, empowering YOU, students and practitioners alike to become the leaders you were born to be. 

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