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8-weeks of Advanced Material 

20+ hours of pre-recorded video lectures, practical & mystical exercises, and virtual labs across 2 months for in-depth training.

Community Engagement

Co-create with fellow students and iBenz Academy Facilitators to help you successfully complete the workshop.

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Join Inelia and the team for live weekly calls and virtual labs throughout the 8-week workshop.

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Discover the ins and outs of manifestation.

There are ways to have instant manifestation of life situations and items. In order to do so, we need to step into a state beyond the agreed upon matrix games. In other words, we need to break into the code of reality construction and alter it to create a path for our desired outcome to manifest. 

We know when we have broken through our co-created reality and are manifesting what we want through the sense of "KNOWING" that we have achieved our goal. Because reaching the point of "knowing" can be difficult, I’m going to teach you lots of creative ways to get there.

Why instant manifestation is possible, when it's possible, and how to make it possible.

What happens when we instantly manifest? Well, we do that every day, every second, of every life. But... and this is a big BUT, what I am talking about here is manifesting consciously and also changing the collective script, the agreed upon reality matrix, and our own personal script, to something else.

How to manifest a big change in life, experience, or physical item to be "delivered" instantly. 

When it comes to instant manifestation, we have to consider the co-created agreements that are running on Earth. Manifestations can be "instant" in that something can change or appear out of thin air in the blink of an eye. But, these break the rules of engagement so they are very rare and only small items are able to be "instantly manifested". By small items, I mean items that don't change the human collective game.

In this workshop, we'll look at what are manifestation stories and how can they be put together very fast, within a week (or day) for example, to manifest a big change in life, experience, or physical item being "delivered" within that time.

LIVE Community Online Workshop


  • Scheduled activities 
    optimized for an online experience

  • 8-week (2 month) experience to help you go into depth of the material

  • 20+ hours of pre-recorded video lectures by Inelia 

  • Practical & mystical exercises from Inelia 

  • LIVE Weekly Q&A Calls with Inelia

  • LIVE "Lab Work" facilitated by trained iBenz Academy Facilitators
  • LIVE Group Discussions with your co-creators
  • Ongoing community collaboration via Zoom and Telegram

  • Feedback on your work from a team that's got your back

  • Certificate of completion showcasing your efforts

  • Prerequisite coursework required

"Lone Wolf" Online Workshop


  • Scheduled activities 
    optimized for an online experience

  • 8-week (2 month) experience to help you go into depth of the material

  • 20+ hours of pre-recorded video lectures by Inelia 

  • Practical & mystical exercises from Inelia 

  • Prerequisite coursework required









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Testimonials from Instant Manifestors

Brenda's testimonial


"Greatest benefit is two parts: The group dynamic and the energy that created for instant manifesting, singularly and collectively, and the release of deep limiting programs I had that weren't visible to me, which resulted in better communication with family & friends, and more wealth!"


"The Instant manifestation Workshop has been an incredible experience. It is an exploration behind the mechanics of manifestation. It has helped me enormously in expanding my wealth lines, clearing limiting beliefs of poverty and self-worth."


"I would definitely recommend the class to others if you want to see your life take off for the better. Even if you just want to learn some new very practical tools, or identify blockages to having what you think you want, you will benefit. I believe that once you identify and then process the blockages, you can truly have anything."

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Imagine for a moment how your life would feel if you could manifest anything you wanted, instantly.

Now imagine how the world would feel if we had 1000 awake, high-frequency individuals who could manifest anything we wanted, instantly. 

This 8-week workshop is designed to help US become highly effective Instant Manifestors for the New Paradigm on Earth.

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