Power Objects Workshop

Learn mystical skills to facilitate a high-frequency life for yourself and others on Earth.

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Supercharge Your Life with Energy & Intent


This 4-week workshop will teach you everything you need to know to create power objects that facilitate a high-frequency life for yourself and others on Earth.

This is NOT an arts-and-crafts class. This workshop will teach you mystical skills that you can use in everyday life.

No previous experience required!

Throughout this online workshop you will learn:

  • What power objects are
  • When and why to use them
  • How to create them
  • How to use power objects to focus your intent 
  • Receive complete guidance in creating three (3) power objects using mystical skills from trained, truthed, and trusted facilitators 
  • Work with powerful allies that will support and help you every step of the way

Join us in creating power objects to supercharge your life with the energy and intent you want to experience every day!


Upcoming Workshops

Summer 2023 


Create 3 power objects to supercharge your life with the energy and intent you want to experience every day.

4 weeks, 2-4 hrs/week
Enroll by May 27


Summer 2023 


Create 3 power objects to supercharge your life with the energy and intent you want to experience every day.

4 weeks, 2-4 hrs/week
Enroll by June 24


Summer 2023 


Create 3 power objects to supercharge your life with the energy and intent you want to experience every day.

4 weeks, 2-4 hrs/week
Enroll by July 29


Why a Power Objects Workshop?

"I know how to do them, and make them and sell them. But by you learning how to make them, it gives us the possibility that we have millions of high-frequency power objects around the world. Plus it gives a powerful tool for those who want to set up a business selling power objects, which in turn also fills the planet with them.

The workshop is intended to provide you with not just the tools to create these powerful objects, in complete guidance, but also a powerful set of allies that will support and help you in your power object creation. Good Allies and Counsel from people you get to connect with, know, we have truthed, and trust (yup, truth before trust)!" - Inelia Benz


Learn mystical skills 
right from Inelia's studio

You'll learn what power objects are, when and why to use them, and how to create them.  Together, we will create 3  power objects, for a purpose and intent of your choosing, that you can use to empower your everyday life.


Workshop Syllabus 


What is a Power Object

Inelia defines what a Power Object is and isn't. 

  • What is a power object?
  • What are they made of?
  • Why use and create power objects?

How to Create a Power Object

Inelia teaches the process of creating a power object:

  • Determine the use of the power object
  • Mystical etiquette and street smarts 
  • The process of creating a power object

Power Objects in Everyday Life

Inelia looks at examples of power objects and their use, as well as how different groups use power objects:

  • Examples of power objects in our everyday lives
  • Power object lineages

Types of Power Objects

Inelia gives an overview of the power objects we’ll create and how we’ll use them:

  • Alchemist - Mixed media
  • Shaman - Beaded jewelry
  • Mystic - Crystal tool

Using Your Lineages

Inelia gives an overview of the different types of lineages and how to detect them.

  • What are lineages?
  • Why use them for power objects?
  • How to explore your lineages

Alchemist Power Object

Inelia teaches how to create an alchemical power object.

  • How to use mixed media to create an alchemical power object.

Labwork: Create an alchemical power object out of mixed media.


Shaman Power Object

Inelia teaches how to create a shamanic power object.

  • How to use beads to create a shamanic power object.

Labwork: Create a shamanic power object with beads and other materials.


Mystic Power Object

Inelia teaches how to create a mystical power object out of crystals.

  • How to use crystals to create a mystical power object.

Labwork: Create a mystical power object with a crystal and other materials.


Workshop Summary

In this 2-part lecture, Inelia reviews everything taught in this workshop and provides things to watch out for when creating power objects.

  • What to do when your power object breaks.
  • How to make sure you aren't doing black magick and your item isn't used for black magick.

What students are saying


"When I heard about the workshop, a part of me realized that I could create even more "positive" works, with the energy I wanted and display them everywhere in my house... I recommend this course 1000 times if we want to put more beauty, poetry and power in our lives and on this beautiful planet."


"I'd say take the class! Creating power objects solo & with the group energy was super supportive and fun. Having access to the classes & materials throughout; and making connections with others was amazing, and expansive."


"loved the class and the clarifying supportive energy of the group. Be clear about why you want to take the class or perhaps specifically why you want to create a power object. I felt this was directly related to the flow of creation. Also love the realisation that there is no 'end' to the workshop and the learning."

Included in the Workshop

  • Nine (9) pre-recorded video lectures by Inelia, over 20 videos to watch
  • Three (3) LIVE virtual Labs with trained Facilitators
  • Create three (3) of your very own power objects
  • Access to the iBenz Academy community learning experience
  • Lab recordings
  • Downloadable video, audio files, and transcripts
  • Become certified to sell Power Objects for your business 
  • Strong allies to connect and co-create with for life!

$777 per seat


Materials not included. 

The materials for making the power objects are NOT included in the workshop. Students must review the Materials List and plan accordingly in order to acquire the necessary materials prior to the first day of the workshop. 

The materials used to create these objects are completely OPTIONAL and used as a guide to explore the mystical methods used to create Power Objects. Use materials you already have, or prefer, at all times.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 

Listen to what Larry & Inelia have to say about Power Objects and the Power Objects Workshop.

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You Are Not Alone!

  • iBenz Academy Facilitators easy for you to successfully complete the workshop 
  • Private Telegram chat group for round-the-clock engagement and connection with peers and facilitators
  • Three (3) LIVE virtual labs over Zoom with iBenz Academy Facilitators 
  • 24/7 access to video lectures, lab recordings, transcripts, and downloadable audio files

Meet your facilitators

Kara Consigli and Ashley Swail (aka Kash) discovered Inelia's work back in 2011 and have yet to find more effective tools for empowerment. They have trained and studied in-depth with Inelia for over 10 years combined and are dedicated to spreading the message of empowerment to the masses, passing the torch onto you. As facilitators, they make it EASY for students to achieve successful course completion.

Learn the Mystical Methods

Inelia Benz shows you how to create these objects in the workshop as a guide to explore the mystical methods behind power objects.
You can replicate these objects or create your very own!

Alchemical Mixed Media for Wealth

Mystical skills: Learn the ways of the Alchemist to create this power object using mixed media ingredients (paint, metal, crystals, etc). 

How to use it: Hang this object in your home or office to bring Wealth and abundance into your life. 

Bonus: Inelia will show you how to create a "private" version of this object for personal use only.

Shamanic Bracelet for Ancestors, Gaia & Tribe

Mystical skills: Learn the Native American approach to create this power object using jewelry-making techniques

How to use it: Wear this object daily or as often as you like to enhance the connection with your Ancestors, Gaia, and your Tribe. 

Bonus: Inelia will teach you how to find and tap into your personal lineages for this object.

Mystic Crystal for Enlightened Awareness

Mystical skills: Learn how the gypsy Mystic creates power objects with crystals, beading, and charms. 

How to use it: Hang this object in your window or meditation space to facilitate Enlightened Awareness into your life.  

Bonus: Inelia will show you how to create objects like this for others in a safe, ethical way.

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