An Emergency Lecture Series by Inelia Benz

Empower Yourself Through This Crisis

And Become the Leader You Were Born to BE. 

$500 for the 5 Lecture Series

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Become the Leader You Were Born to Be



Excellent Value

This series has 5 video lectures and extensive bonus material with a total value of over $500.

You will also be able to buy each lecture separately for $100 each when they become available for individual purchase after May 4, 2020. 


  • Situational - the game board - What are we looking at and how it came about.
  • Why - agreed reality and free will - Why is this happening right now? The mechanics of free will. 
  • Experiential - how we can engage with what is being offered to us - What it is doing to our lives with full case studies and examples.
  • Tools - practical and social steps - Let's bring this back to a high-frequency experience.
  • Mystical information and tools - beyond the physical - On camera card reading for each topic and other mystical tools you can use for each situation.


Bonus Materials

Purchase the series today to receive 5 video lectures and bonus materials by Inelia Benz and iBenz Academy.

The series includes a compilation of 10 Bonus Material tools, resources, and meditations, including:

  • Human Collective Ancestors Meditation 
  • Recommendations for people who find themselves unemployed 

Lecture Series Available for Purchase Now

iBenz Academy brings you an Emergency Lecture Series by Inelia Benz that will support and train you on how to stay in and create high-frequency engagements during this social crisis, and how to step into your role of Leadership in the co-creation of the High-Frequency Paradigm:  

$500 for the 5 Lecture Series

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Each Lecture is now available for individual purchase at 
$100 each.

Lecture One

What's going on with Coronavirus, the planet, and reality

Lecture One in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series will deal with a close look at all the presently available information around the crisis, what brought it about and how this is a human collective choice to bring about the split in realities on this planet.  It will also cover tools for supporting your and your family’s bodies, minds and spirits during “shelter” and “infections” times. Mystical tools and exercises that support you and your family through this time will also be revealed.

Price: $100

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Lecture Two

Dealing with stress, anxiety, and pressure

Lecture Two in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series will concentrate specifically on supporting you through your and other people’s stress, anxiety and pressure. The information and tools, both physical and mystical, that will be revealed in this lecture will expand your awareness and conscious choices of frequency that you can step into yourself and with or for your family.

Price: $100

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Lecture Three

Learning to communicate with your family and dealing with "cabin fever"

Lecture Three in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series delves deeply into tools for communicating with your family now that everyone is in the same house. It will give you useful tools to use for dealing with cabin fever, boredom and personality clashes. Mystical tools to support your high frequency communication choices will also be revealed.

Price: $100

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Lecture Four

Working and studying from home

Lecture Four in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series will give you a detailed informed plan on how to take care of work, home, family and social life now you are stuck in one place.  We have spent decades educating children and adults how to go outside the home for work and play, now we are going back to our more natural state of the family and tribal unit. How to deal with physical separation and isolation during work and schooling hours at this time as well as the physical closeness in an environment not designed to foster work and study.  Physical, practical and mystical tools will be shared by Inelia in this Lecture for your use in creating a high frequency work and study environment at home.

Price: $100

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Lecture Five

Becoming a leader at this time

Lecture Five in the Empower Yourself Through This Crisis Series gives you step by step instructions on how to step into the leader you were born to be during The Split. Leadership and shining your true light is the deciding factor on what direction the planet goes from this moment on.  YOU were born for this moment, and by following a simple set of instructions, you can both remember what you are here to lead, as well as stepping into your leadership role for our species. Mystical and physical tools and actions will be revealed in this lecture which will support your birth choice to lead.

Price: $100

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