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It's time to join your tribe!

the time for the lone wolf is over. May 28, 2021

Well, here we are at the beginning of the New Paradigm of Earth.

It wasn’t very long ago that we received the call from the human collective to become the leaders we were born to be, to be the leaders of the New Paradigm. As we stand at the dawn of transformation, we can see the miraculous orchestration unfolding. The structures of the old paradigm are crumbling and lightworkers are uniting and moving into action all over the globe. 

One thing we KNOW to be true now more than ever is that the time for the lone wolf is over -- now is the time to join your empowered community with iBenz Academy!

As Inelia has said, “the Lone Wolf energy has served us well. It got us this far in the world. Now it’s time for conscious co-creation, for shared learning and exploration, for creating a network, for inspiring and being inspired, for focusing on *our* growth, on *our* expansion of awareness, on *our* planet.

Join us on Telegram for conscious co-creation, exploration, and inspiration. We have some exciting updates coming soon about the Instant Manifestation Workshop, and Telegram is where you’ll see it first.

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