About Us

Your Empowerment in Your Hands

iBenz Academy is a self development academic platform that delivers the iBenz Method of Empowerment. Our aim is to make the iBenz Method available online in such a way that students have a highly interactive and supportive experience on their self-development journey.

Since going public with her empowerment work in 2010, Inelia Benz has published numerous books and courses, along with facilitating live events and an online high-frequency community platform to bring about personal and global transformation. Throughout this time and when her schedule allows, Inelia utilized her mystery free tools and practical resources to facilitate the iBenz Method while mentoring individuals on a one-to-one basis.

With great success and transformation of the mentorees practicing the iBenz Method, we are now making this in-depth and interactive experience available on a large-scale so you can access it too. Inspired to do just that, four powerful women founded iBenz Academy; Inelia Benz, Brenda Elizondo, Ashley Swail and Kara Behnke. 

Our Mission

iBenz Academy is the world standard on education in homes, communities, organizations, government entities, and educational systems across the globe, facilitating a high-frequency human collective co-creation and collaboration to raise the vibrational frequency level of the planet.

Our Vision

iBenz Academy is a global influencer fueling the personal and social high-frequency empowerment movement of Earth.

Our Team

Together, we have created a global leading edge e-learning platform that builds connection and conscious creation of the new paradigm on Earth, empowering students and practitioners alike.

Inelia Benz

Inelia received her First Class Honors Bachelor Degree in Communication Studies at Dublin City University, Ireland in her 20’s. Since then, she has been writing, teaching and advancing multiple platforms to bring about personal and global transformation. Through her easy to use courses, meditations, books and videos she offers quick, mystery free tools that will elevate your vibrational frequency and bring personal awakening and spiritual evolution on a personal and global scale. Her tools have been downloaded by millions of people around the planet.

Ashley Swail

Ashley graduated with highest honors from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is an experienced Human Resources & Talent Acquisition professional, yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and Life Coach. Throughout her career, Ashley has aligned herself with purpose driven organizations, projects, and businesses across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She has designed and led community-based programs, events, training, and classes to individuals and groups ranging from youth to elders. Ashley began practicing Inelia Benz’s work in 2011 and has been studying the iBenz Method of empowerment in a mentorship program with Inelia Benz since 2017. In 2019, Ashley collaborated with Inelia, Brenda, and Kara to co-create the iBenz Academy, to bring the iBenz Method mentoring program to a broader audience, fueling the personal and social empowerment movement globally. Applying her superpowers in communication, talent management, and interpersonal skills, Ashley is the iBenz Academy Chief of People.

Dr. Kara Behnke

Kara is expert in online education and instructional design. She earned her doctorate in Technology, Media & Society from the College of Electrical Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015. In 2016, Kara joined an edtech startup in Silicon Valley, where she’s since consulted dozens of Fortune 500 companies and top-tier universities in creating transformative e-learning programs. She has used Inelia Benz’s empowerment tools since 2011, completed a personal mentorship program with Inelia in 2018, and is currently taking a mystical training program with Inelia. Her experiences with academia, industry, and Inelia’s tools position her well to co-create iBenz Academy with this powerful group of women. Currently, Kara applies her multidisciplinary interests in educational research, human-computer interaction, and personal empowerment training as the Chief Academic Officer for iBenz Academy.



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